“We have been working with Strengths Consulting for over two years and we have seen dramatic

improvements in employee engagement and customer satisfaction. We measure engagement annually with Q12 and actively manage our

engagement at the team level on an ongoing basis and through updated performance management processes. The business is growing and

I am grateful to create a great workplace environment!”

Jenny Sobera, MD, and Founder, Village Dermatology 

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“Strengths Consulting undeniably improved my management skills. As a skeptic, I can say that Kathy’s services have been one of my

greatest investments. She helped me make a good staff great.”

JJ Lamb, Founder, JJ Eyes Optical Boutique


“CliftonStrengths has been an eye-opening experience, one that has helped me better understand my personal leadership style and the

best way to apply my strengths at work. Kathy Houston is an amazing communicator who truly cares about the success of her clients.”

Paula Anne Edwards, JJ Eyes Optical Boutique

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“As the Executive Director of a Christian ministry and school, I was very pleased and impressed with the powerful effects that

CliftonStrengths had on me and our staff. Getting in touch with the strengths of each team member and learning how to optimize

production from each staff member by focusing on their strengths was a new way of management for me. Our staff was so affected by

Kathy’s presentations that we asked her to allow us to incorporate her teaching into our school curriculum. I highly recommend this

training for anyone dealing with people in a work environment.”

Rock Hobbs, Executive Director, Transformation Ministries

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