At Strengths Consulting, we bring a passion for organizational excellence, 50+ years of leadership and management experience, and proven track records of leading successful teams. Our experience ranges from start-up businesses to Fortune 50.

Trained and certified by Gallup, the world’s leading research-based performance management company, and informed with our real-world perspectives, we leverage proven methods to provide a roadmap for understanding and unlocking the full potential of people, teams, and organizations, resulting in accelerated performance and improved key business outcomes including productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, quality, absenteeism, turnover, safety, and patient satisfaction.

Strengths Consulting has worked one-on-one with business executives, entrepreneurs, and team leaders, as well as with families, young professionals, and couples, all in an effort to affirm talent potential and unique strengths, then work to apply them to meet professional goals, excel in a work environment, and/or improve relational dynamics.

Strengths Consulting has worked with public and private organizations spanning multiple industries: health care, retail, education, manufacturing, city management, banking, and faith-based. The goal is always the same - maximize the productivity and well-being of the employees, improve team dynamics, enlighten managers and leaders, and create cultures that foster high employee engagement and improved business performance.

The sought-after speaker and founder of Strengths Consulting, Katherine Houston, has presented across the country to a variety of audiences. She is always eager to empower leaders and managers to create change and to empower individuals to be the best versions of themselves.

Lead. Engage. Thrive.